1. re-digitize:

    えんじぇうーもん (Angewomon)

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  2. digi-egg:

    アンドロモン by ますにくる

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  3. ikleyvey:

    Taichi and WarGreymon

    I still can’t believe that there’s going to be a sequel to the original Digimon Adventure!
    This is just the beginning!
    I will make an illustration for each of the original eight chosen children, and Taichi and his WarGreymon are first in line! This is one of my tributes to them.

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  4. sharaektro:

    i love these two so much i had to draw them

    click through to view the original completed work.

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  5. Kingdom Hearts - Digital Resonance: Agumon. First installment of my Kingdom Hearts - Digimon crossover series

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  6. thetangles:

    artist | image | blog

    Encourage artists by liking/commenting on their Pixiv account. 

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  10. dawidkvahu:

    Digimon - Let`s watch it again by Dawidkwachu

    Really quick made picture for Odaiba Memorial.
    I really don’t have time to do draw so as you can see, I put a photo as a background.

    8 Digimons watching together DA anime, great way to celebrate.

    Happy Odaiba Memorial Digi Fans !

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  11. goggleprince:

    I fell in love with him the first second i saw him. 
    (maybe because he remindes me of tai and davis alooooot)
    he’s such a cutie! 

    goggle-boy said he’s the cutest digiguy

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  12. thetrainstations:

    Juri and Impmon as requested by veradune ! u v u /

    Feel free to request Digimon-related fanart!

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  13. garmmy:

    sparrowmon for priceart's digimon collab! i was thinking of asking for garmmon at first, then i remembered i love sparrowmon a lot and don't draw him nearly enough :D

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