1. brokenchaoz:

    An art trade from DA. My part of the art trade was to draw the group from Digimon Adventure 01. I already had a dedication started for the anniversary that is coming up, but I’m holding on the idea for another year. So, I have decided to use this for the tribute instead. I can’t believe how long it has been since it was first aired on TV. 

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  2. Hello! I wanted to say that (sadly) I won’t be able to post anything this August 1st because I’m going to do a Digimon Adventure marathon with my friend Ale! But I’ll try to post whatever people make for this anniversary as soon as I can! Expect it to be within the next week, though (I just hope not to forget about it).

    So! If you have anything you want me to post, you can tell/submit it to me!

  4. 無題 (Untitled) by Ya


  5. bossarmadimon replied to your post: Sorry, I abandoned you.

    You don’t need to post 10-20 things a day, y’know? If you expect to go through a lower activity period, you can halve your post rates and it’s fine. Regularity is a lot more important than volume.

    I do that sometimes (I have the queue set for what is night to me but evening-afternoon for most of my followers) but it’s just that a lot of the time I don’t feel like posting anything and I’ve already run out of queue, like now. I think I’ll just then change the queue to few posts at a day so they last more days :) thank you for your answer

    (the other thing to consider is that I currently have 2092 tabs in the ‘fanarts’ marker folder and at this rate they’re going to last forever, lol)


  6. Sorry, I abandoned you.

  7. タケル (Takeru) by Ya


  14. 8/1 (August, 1st) by アキラさん