2. digi-egg:

    究極の聖騎士 by A爾

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  3. garmmy:

    blah can’t draw properly today

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    先輩後輩 (Senior & Junior) by Ri(ry

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  5. greennt:

    zephrymon cap redraw woo

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  12. quirkiilogical:

    Belated birthday drawing for Masaru (and savers’ 8th anniversary), as well as for the 14th anniversary of 02! Haven’t drawn them in so long since I was (and still am) obsessed with fire emblem awakening. I have long wanted to draw a picture with both Daisuke and Masaru inside ever since I found out that 02’s anniversary is on the same date as Masaru’s birthday, and a year later I finally drew it lol. I’m an A+ procrastinator.

    Also if you know me well enough you will know that the placement of a certain character with another specific character is a completely intentional decisionXD 

    Hope you all like it!

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  13. colorlust:

    So, this ended up taking a lot longer to finish than I originally intended.  I started off with the Hououmon redesign and worked my way backwards.  When I was drawing Garudamon, however, my comuter felt the need to randomly shut down, requiring me to do lots of stuff all over.  BUT I DID IT.  Now everyone can witness the majesty of Sora, Yokomon, Biyomon, Birdramon, Garudamon, and my Hououmon extravaganza.  

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  14. detoreik:

    Digimon… *.*  Original in my dA account

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